Your Wellness System Key

Once you have your personal plan, you will be given a key— your Wellness System Key. This Key is a unique technology called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). By using this Key, we can program your complete workout session, communicate with your doctor about your results, and program many of your personal preferences while you are at the Center.

What can I do with my Wellness System Key?

Your Key carries information that helps you be more effective at improving your health:

  • The Key can start the treadmill or other cardiovascular equipment at the correct intensity level and set the correct time for the exercise.
  • If you wear a heart rate monitor, the Key will guide you so that your heart rate stays at the correct level of intensity recommended by your doctor and designed by our trained and certified staff of professionals.
  • When you use the Key as a piece of strength training equipment it will guide you to set the proper setting, how much weight to lift, and how many sets and repetitions you should do.
  • The Key can even choose your favorite television station or allow you to play your favorite games, listen to music, or see your personal fitness results.

    My Wellness Information


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